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ZenZipp All-In-One Wound Manager

Series of wound managers in various sizes and shapes.
  • Can stay in place for 7 days
  • With valve
  • Completely skin-friendly hydrocolloid adhesive layer for optimal attachment and flexibility
  • Large drainage and storage capacity, thanks to an integrated collection bag
  • Easy to access the wound, stoma or fistula


TheZenZipp All-In-One Wound Manager can be used on large, often post-operative wounds that  require covering  and drainage.  The product can also be used for covering and drainage of fistulas.

The product line consists of various sizes. Several of these sizes have a unique access panel, with a zipper that can be opened across the entire length of the wound manager, and with fixable sides to provide easy access to the wound. Thanks to its flexible and skin-friendly baseplate, the wound manager can stay in place for up to seven days (depending on protocol). All sizes of the ZenZipp wound and fistula managers are sterile and have an integrated valve.

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AfbeeldingArticle nr.VariantContents
ZZ05003N_back_vrijZZ050030N50 x 30 mm10 pieces
ZZ110075_back_vrijZZ110075110 x 75 mm with zipper10 pieces
ZZ110075N_back_vrijZZ110075N110 x 75 mm10 pieces
ZZ_110110_back_VrijZZ110110110 x 110 mm with zipper5 pieces
ZZ110110N_back_vrijZZ110110N110 x 110 mm5 pieces
ZZ_170120_back_vrijZZ170120170 x 120 mm with zipper3 pieces
ZZ_170120N_back_vrijZZ170120N170 x 120 mm3 pieces
ZZ_220170_back_vrijZZ220170220 x 170 mm with zipper3 pieces
ZZ_220170N_back_vrijZZ220170N220 x 170 mm3 pieces