ZenSetiv Silicone baseplate with split

Suitable for drains, sondes and katheters.
  • Skin-friendly silicone adhesive layer
  • Absorbent foam dressing
  • Flexible and closable split gauze


The ZenSetiv Silicone Baseplate With Split is the perfect solution for covering, protecting and wound treatment at the opening by drains, probes and catheters. The flexible and closable split gauze shapes itself, with the help of the opening at the end of the split, to fit round the drain, probe or catheter. The baseplates have a skin-friendly silicone adhesive layer and an absorbent foam dressing that can absorb and retain small amounts of (wound) moisture.

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Article nr.VariantContents
ASR2757,5 cm x 7,5 cm20 pieces
ASR210010 cm x 10 cm20 pieces