Hydrocollode Vormen Collage collage 5 stuks

ZenSetiv Hydrocolloïd Seals

Protect the skin
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Attach directly without warming up
  • Offers direct protection


A safe feeling
ZenSetiv Hydrocolloid Seals protect the skin and offer extra security. With the seals, the edges of the stoma and wound can be secured in a skin-friendly way. 

Extra absorption
The seals are made from skin-friendly and absorbent hydrocolloid, finished with a flexible top layer. They can be used as an extra-absorbent second skin under stoma matter.

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AfbeeldingArticle nr.VariantContents
HSR120 HSR125HSR120WRegular - rond, 12 cm5 pieces
HSR125HSR125WRegular - 12,5 x 12,5 cm5 pieces
HSU200HSU200WUltra Thin - 20 x 20 cm5 pieces
HSU311HSU311WUltra Thin - 3 x 11 cm20 pieces
HSU511HSU511WUltra Thin - 5 x 11 cm20 pieces