WMNZ2000-Unifit Comfort Urinenachtzak

Weldra Urine Night Bag

Can also be used for high outputs!
  • Urine cannot go back into the tube, thanks to the non-return valve
  • The integrated filter minimises the chance of creating a vacuum in the urine night bag
  • Available in 2000 and 3000 ml


Product description

The Weldra Urine Night Bag is made of high-quality materials and can be connected to most urostomy pouches and catheters. It is a non-sterile, drop-shaped bag, which can be emptied with one hand using a sliding system. The bag also has a non-return valve, so the urine cannot flow back into the tube. Thanks to the integrated filter, the chance of creating a vacuum in the bag is minimised.

Two versions
There are two versions of the Weldra Urine Night Bag available. The standard version has a capacity of 2000 ml and a tube of 135 cm. The large version has a capacity of 3000 ml, and the tube is 140 cm long. Both versions have a (double) suspension hook.



Article nr.Variant
WMNZ2000Default - 2000 ml
WMNZ3000Large - 3000 ml