Hansen Protection Support Waistband

You can cut it to desired size
  • Suitable for support for hernias.
  • You can cut it to desired size for extra comfort.
  • Reversible: can be worn on both sides.


Optimal, comfortable support
The Hansen Protection Support Waistband offers optimal support for hernias, shapes itself to the body and gives comfortable support during daily activities. It is made from neoprene and therefore dries very rapidly, for example after swimming or showering. The Support Waistband is reversible, so can be worn with either the black side or the white side on the outside. 

Cut to desired size
For extra comfort, you can cut the Support Waistband to your desired size. It is possible to cut the velcro strip on the front. The advantage of this is that the top part can be worn tighter, or looser, than the bottom part. It also means that it takes less effort to put the Support Waistband on, as it can be done in parts. In addition, the waistband can be cut to size on the back.

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