Two birds with one stone
  • Counters 'pancaking'
  • Neutralises odours


Unfortunately, stools quite often stay at the top of an ostomy pouch, in an effect known as "pancaking" of "pancake poop". Ostomates who realise that this is happening often get entangled in a search for home, garden or kitchen appliances to try to relieve their discomfort. It is not uncommon for this search to not have the desired outcome. But thanks to APzyme Anti-Pancaking Gel, this problem belongs to the past.

Two birds with one stone

APzyme is a gel that must be smeared on the inside of the ostomy pouch. This makes the inner sides of the ostomy pouch much more slippery, meaning stools slide easily to the bottom. In addition, thanks to the enzymes added to the gel, the odour is neutralised. So two birds are killed with one stone!


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