Absorbent granules
  • Stools are thickened
  • Odours are neutralised
  • Noises due to movement of output are reduced
  • Reduces leakage under the base plate or via the filter


Absorbent granules
The super-absorbent granules from AcSorb thicken the stools very quickly. The film layer (the outside of the sachet) dissolves as soon as it comes into contact with stools. The granules keep their absorbent effect for a long time, even if there are further stools. Just 1 sachet is needed per ostomy pouch. The sachets can be used in both colostomy and ileostomy pouches.

Reduced leakages
As the stools are thickened, leakages under the second skin or via the filter are reduced. Unpleasant odours are fully neutralised, and the irritating sounds of sloshing bowel movements are lessened. 
The granules are packed in such a way that a daily supply can be easily carried around, for example in a pocket or handbag.


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