Urine Night Bag

High-quality collection bag
  • Urine cannot flow back into the tube, thanks to the non-return valve
  • With handy suspension hooks, so it can be safely attached to a chair or bed
  • Easy to empty with one hand, using the drainage tap


The Wellform Urine Night Bag is made from high-quality materials and can be connected to most urostomy pouches. It is a sterile, rectangular-shaped bag, and can be emptied with one hand using a drainage tap.

About the Urine Night Bag
The Urine Night Bag has a large collection capacity (2000 ml) and extra-long tube (130 cm). Thanks to the extra width of the tube (9 mm), blockages are reduced and the flow of urine is promoted. The bag also has a non-return valve, so urine cannot flow back into the tube.

Safe attachment
The handy suspension hooks and strings can be used to safely attach the urine night bag to a chair or bed.


Article nr.Variant
UND2012000 ML